Past Winners


2018 – “HeadSpace”

The 2018 Indiana High School Architectural Design Competition is complete! Congratulations to all the award winners! We had a large amount of entries this year, and judging was tough! All entrants should be proud of their work!

Judge’s Distinction | Rachel Morris
Award of Honor | Graham Rooks
Award of Honor | Hope Huenecke
Award of Honor | Joseph Robustelli
Award of Honor | Daniel Jacobo
Award of Honor | Alex Rogge
Award of Excellence | Andrew Spores
Award of Excellence | Cameron Swan
Award of Excellence | Alec Siurek

2017 – “Fresh Cut”

This year’s competition, Fresh Cut, is another exciting, thought provoking and educational design competition open to all Indiana high school students. Playing the role of architect, each student is asked to design a mixed-use, urban food oasis. An urban infill project containing an urban farm, restaurant, and event center. This program asks entrants to explore designing through section, combining a multitude of uses in a single building, and to consider daylight and views in a tall structure.

Judge’s Distinction | Lauren Bouslog
Judge’s Distinction | Mitchell Witt
Award of Honor| Dave Rivera
Award of Honor | Matthew Hamon
Award of Honor | Brandon Connors
Award of Honor | Brett Schneider
Award of Honor | Joel Rivera
Award of Excellence | Rachel Morris
Award of Excellence | Talia Bias
Award of Excellence | Tim  Cox

2016 – “Double Dip”

This year’s competition, Double Dip, was another exciting, thought provoking, and educational design competition. Playing the role of architect, each entrant was asked to design a lakeside facility for an ice cream shop and parasailing company around an existing boardwalk structure. The program challenged entrants to explore what it means to design a building, to create both interior and exterior experiences, and to explore the interaction between a structure and it’s environment.

Award of Excellence | Max Jolly
Judge’s Distinction | Kegan Bierlein
Award of Excellence | Noah Smith


2015 – Fire Station

This year’s competition asked each student to design a fire station in a dense urban site, bisected by a highway. Students were encouraged to explore what it meant to design a building in an expanding city and explore the interactions with the environment outside their site’s boundaries

Award of Excellence | Ellie Morinville
Award of Excellence | Allegra Shinabargar
Award of Excellence | Jacob Hill


2014 – Museum Home

This year’s competition involved designing a home to be inhabited by a museum’s scholar during their residence. The house was to be adjacent to the museum, and it’s design was required to integrate with the design of the museum. Each entrant was asked to choose a distinguished architect to have acted as the museum’s designer. Therefore, each student’s project was to be a reaction to their chosen architect’s work.

Award of Excellence | Ethan Scales
Judge’s Distinction | Kurt Unger
Award of Excellence | Don Evora