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Question & Answer:

Responses to questions about program, site, & beyond


Q1) Does the building immediately adjacent the site actually have windows facing our site?

A1) Yes, the building next to the site does have windows. There are three windows spaced evenly from the front of the building to 39′ towards the back of the building. However, it is not necessary to hold your building back from these windows unless you’d like to. Because we didn’t make it a requirement in the program, we aren’t going to judge you negatively for ignoring them. Check out the Sketchup model to see the windows. If you look at the building in the Revit model, they’ll show up as well.


Q2) On your poster board, does it have to be completely flat, or can it have some 3-D elements to it?

A2) You’re welcome to include 3D elements to your board. We’ve had students try to do this in the past though, and the projecting elements often get crushed or broken. So if this is something you’re planning on doing, we’d recommend making sure those elements are sturdy enough that they don’t become damaged during shipping and handling and detract from your board.


Q3) Can you include more than just the drawings, if you can get it to all fit on the board?

A3) The format of your presentation board is up to you. Feel free to include anything that helps tell your story or explain your design. If you’re using images that you did not create (such as renderings of other buildings), we’d recommend giving credit to the creators of those images so the judges can easily distinguish between your work and the work of others.


Q4) In the program, it states that the drone landing pads are 3′ x 3′, but 3 of the brands we can choose from are car manufacturers. Given this, I was wondering if it would be legal to incorporate another size of drone capable of transporting a vehicle.

A4) You’re correct that the drones are probably too small to deliver cars. However, if we allow changing the drone sizes on some of the entries, then it makes it tough to judge all the entries equally. So please use the drone landing pad size shown in the program. We see three ways to rationalize this issue. You could imagine these are extremely high powered drones, capable of delivering a car in front of the store, then parking in a drone landing spot. You could also imagine that the items coming to the store are parts and pieces for a car, rather than full sized cars themselves. Or you could ignore the issue, and pretend cars are being delivered to unreasonably small locations and it somehow magically works. The ideas and thinking behind your design are ultimately more important that it being an entirely realistic, functioning, building. Have fun with the overall concept, and don’t let reality bring you down.


Q5) The program also states that there are adjacent buildings to the site, but the program doesn’t specify how tall those buildings are, could you please provide some clarification on this point?

A5) You should be able to see the building heights in any of the site models. We have them available in Revit, Sketchup and Autocad. The first building to the east and the building across the street are 36′ high. The second building to the east is 26′ high.